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Auditel Delivers Excellence

Auditel has a staff of experts trained in telecommunications tariff to eliminate the guesswork. Our Telecom Analysts are MBAs with five to ten years experience and each senior staff Manager has over a decade of experience in telecom auditing. Our Senior Telecom Analysts are professionally qualified CPAs, FCAs (some with over 30 years experience

Quality and Service

We ensure that during and post the telecom audit there will be no service impacts to your organization. We deliver optimized services at reduced cost. We have quality controls built in each phase and the details are analyzed and monitored in every step of the process using Six Sigma process. We have streamlined our services to provide the utmost accuracy in your telecom audit from beginning to end. We place telecom orders on your behalf with your approval. Security and protection are built into our telecom audits. No carrier changes required with our telecommunications audits.

Telecommunications Audit

Auditel Case Studies

A Multi-location Bank

Auditel delivers over $104,000 in refunds plus $43,100 annual savings!

  • Auditel corrected the billing on many data circuits billing at the wrong contracted rate, resulting in $35,000 in overcharges.

  • Fees collected from 3rd party for unauthorized charges resulted in $52,900 in overbilling.

  • Dispute resolution from taxes and surcharges totaled $16,947 in billing mistakes.

    Total monthly savings obtained for this client amount to $43,100 without change in service provider.
  • °°°

    Large Construction Material Manufacturing and Distribution Corporation

    Auditel reduced local phone bills by 36 % every month, plus double billing refunds obtained for $ 12,112.

  • One account saved $49,155. Auditel remove unused lines
  • Optimized features on each line
  • Recommended better tariff plans
  • No change in service provider


    Large ASP/Financial Services Corporation

    Auditel reduced cell phone bills by 29% every month

  • Savings on a single Account of $ 65,134 per month
  • Plan optimization saved $ 17,675.
  • Optimized features
  • Recommended other rating plans
  • No change in service provider


    A Freight Company spending $76K per month

    Auditel Delivers Savings from the following services:

    Local Wired Lines, Long Distance, Internet, and Data Circuits

    26% Savings on Monthly Spend


    A Storage Company

    Auditel reduced the monthly data expense over $25,000, which resulted in a reduction of 23% of their entire telecom spend!


    A Food Processing Company

    Auditel obtained refunds of over $43,000 due to data overcharge findings for this client. These findings also resulted in over $34,000 in monthly savings!

    A Small College

    Auditel obtained refunds on the following services:

  • Local phone services
  • Long Distance
  • Internet
  • The telecom audit brought over 21% reduction in their Telecom Spend!


    Telecom invoice auditing is the combination of a detailed review of bills and the analysis of the various telecom services and their related expenses. Our telecom auditing, Consulting, and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services deliver highest savings. With our presence in many locations we provide a global service covering most parts of world including North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia.

    Our telecommunication solutions require no carrier changes. We specialize in telecommunications audits. We don't diversify into any other utility bill auditing, or telecom sales of any type. This focus and dedication has made us an industry leader in Telecom Audits and Expense Management, keep us in the forefront in technology. We have navigated through the changes in carrier services and Service Providers billings over twenty years. We provide the best telecom audit and expense management services available for Voice, Data, and Wireless invoices.

    Our solutions:

    • • Telecom audits deliver highest recovery and bill cost reduction savings
    • • Your internal team will spend less time with your audit
    • • Our Drill Down forensic analysis are far superior
    • • We deliver the maximum results, accurately, and timely
    • • Our detailed status reports you can monitor progress
    • • We deliver the maximum results, accurately, and timely
    • • With our detailed status updates throughout your audit there is never a need to wonder
    • • Outsource your telecom audits to Auditel.
    • • We deliver the best customer service, just ask any of our clients

    Tariff, Tax, and Surcharge Investigation

    Tariff Investigations on billing errors, and overcharges with highest recoveries and refunds. Tax and exemption review to identify any errors, unclaimed tax exemptions, or misapplied tax. Surcharges are reviewed for accuracy. We review all of your telecom and telephone taxes and regulatory fees. These fees have risen to over 20% in most telecom bills. We pay attention to all taxes including Local, City, County, State, and Federal taxes. Surcharges are increased by your usages making them a necessary item to review. Some Regulatory fees, taxes, and surcharges include: 911 fees, Federal Excise Tax, Local Number Portability (LNP) Charge, Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Charge, Federal Access Recovery Fee, and the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF).

    Telecom Billing Errors identified after a full bill analysis and investigation of all telecom wired and wireless billing services. We capture every mistake in each telecom bill. We identify the tax, tariff and billing mistakes, and track usages and billing mistakes back to inception.

    After we have captured all your telecom billing errors we file disputes with each Service Provider. We track these orders to full completion. We deliver highest cost savings and recovery.

    Telecom Optimization

    Are there enough lines for clients to reach all of your locations? How many busy signals before they hang up? Do you want your client to reach disconnected lines, wrong numbers, incorrect advertised lines, or busy signals? When were your telecom usages reviewed?

    Are your telecom services efficient? Are data lines optimized? Are voice lines optimized? Are wireless services optimized?

    A telecom service audit is not about disconnecting services, features, fees, surcharges or waste. More importantly an audit ensures your lines are optimized and working at full capacity. Many telecom services may not be utilized, billed properly, or installed. It is important to have a detailed inventory, tested, and verified working at your locations. It is also important that all of you clients reach you. Traffic Studies, circuit and data analysis are only tools. These tools must be reviewed by a telecom professional skilled in reading traffic and data analysis. Most Telecom Service Providers only have a few with this skill. Data and circuit usage analysis and analytics can drastically improve your telecom spend without effecting your day to day operations. Having enough bandwidth, circuits, or phone lines will ensure your clients reach you, not your competition!

    Invoice Analysis, Inspection, and Inventory
    We discover all of your telecom bills and capture the service type, usages, and our professionals begin to analyze and study each service. Each invoice will be studied together with telecom inventory and contracts. Next the contract analysis will begin with investigations to discover your complete service requirements. The telecommunication service usages for each type of Voice, Data, Cloud, or Wireless service will be inspected through our detailed process.

    RFP and Inventory Options
    Request for Proposals (RFP): Research for your RFP can be conducted easily by having a telecom audit. Why pay for an inventory when you can obtain one with our telecom audit. We deliver marketing analysis with unbiased consulting advice and contract solutions that bring savings to your Organization.

    Unbiased RFP consultation, RFP Design, RFP Delivery to your choice of Service Providers, RFP Reporting

    Contract Review

    We analyze the current Telecom Service Provider Service Agreements and various contracts Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment (MARC), and SLA (Service Level Agreements) and compare them with any revisions or addendums to the original signed agreements. We research and review the contract terms. Here are some items we highlight and discuss with our clients.

    Bring us your Telecom Contracts
    Don’t’ be caught off guard by a lapsing telecom contract. When we review your contracts we give unbiased consulting advice that leads to savings. Savings comes from fully understanding the contract language and protection clauses placed by the various Service Providers. We make various recommendations to give your Organization added security and savings.

    Contract Review Mid-Term
    Even when your contract isn’t up for renewal we still help you understand your options. We give you all the consulting advice you need to make the right decision on keeping the current agreement or we provide you the documentation and knowledge to get your contract terms changed or clauses revised even before the term expires.

    Expiring Telecom Contracts
    Is your Organization on the fast track with constant mergers, acquisitions, and change? If so, you need our telecom contract review to ensure you are not missing any savings or protective clauses. Most wired, data, and wireless service contracts last one, two, or three years. The provisions in some of the older contracts are becoming outdated due to changes in the data structure and service capabilities. Many companies opt to work on their own contract review until they are referred to Auditel or read some review about our services. With our telecom audit, your contracts are reviewed. For a detailed contract review just give our offices a call and we will bring the added comfort of a full telecom contract review. We will ferret out all of your contracts, document your expiration dates, and monitor the language to provide your Organization the best contract review available.

    Cellular Phone Rate and Pooling Plan Review
    Each telecom contract is analyzed to determine the best mobility plan to meet your business needs and we study usages to ensure the plan reflects your contract agreement. Wireless rate plans and pooling plans are reviewed by our analysts and buckets of usage are monitored and compared across your entire company. Plans, rates, and fees are analyzed for optimization, and contract compliance. Each rate plan is studied and the usages analyzed including pooling plans, roaming usage, text, SMS, Data Cards, and International usages to maximize service and decrease spend. We don’t base our wireless research on the service peak times, but analyze many months to present accurate findings to our clients.

    Wireless Usage, Rate, and Pooling Plan analysis bring savings. Telephone bill (voice) analysis on Local, Intralata, Intrastate, Interstate, and International usages found in your bills. We determine abuse, mistakes, misuse or extensive usages within your location, and entire Organization.

    Auditel will analyze telephone, wireless, data, and miscellaneous billing data and related documents to identify savings, refunds, recovery, and cost avoidance items. Our findings will include recommendations to optimize existing infrastructure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance control. Our process follows very detailed methodology.

    Telecommunications Services Reports

    Auditel detailed Status Reports deliver timely updates and update specifics on your telecom projects. Never be left wondering if you are saving money or if there are any refunds in the works, with our status updates you will always know. Items needed to keep the audit moving are escalated to deliver accurate timelines.

    With a thorough telecommunication bill investigation we deliver bill analysis and expert solutions for cost reductions. We investigate your telecommunications bills and find mistakes and overcharges. After we submit them to you - it is your decision. Our fees are only based upon the savings you obtain. You are assured savings or there is no fee.

    From the start of our audit we define a timeline and track our delivery timings. We will achieve each milestone in time without delays. Our timelines help us to deliver dispute resolution faster than our competitors and help your organization achieve savings that continue to grow for years to come.

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